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Why the Type of Coat Hangers You Use Actually Matters

coat hangers

Why the Type of Coat Hangers You Use Actually Matters

Clothes hanger, especially coat hanger is part of our life. It takes care of our clothes and keeps our home tidy as always. There are around ten different types of clothes hangers made from various materials in our life, and coat hanger is one of the crucial clothes manager to us. Without a good coat hanger, there will be problems happen in your life. So why the type of coat hanger you use really matter? Ironvan can answer this question for you. 

coat hangers

The Similarities of Common Clothes Hangers 

There are hangers for dress/shirt, pant, sweater, skirt, suit, tie, belt, shoe, scarf, and lingerie, among other items. Wood, plastic, velvet, and metal wire are used to make the hangers for the garments. Dress/shirt, sweater, skirt, and lingerie hangers can be stored in the closet or used to dry laundered garments on the balcony. These clothes hangers may have rubbers or small hooks that stablelise clothes from slip off. Hangers for tie, belt, shoe and scarf stay inside the wardrobe, and are difficult to move around. Rubbers or little hooks may be used on these clothes hangers to keep items from slipping off. Hangers for ties, belts, shoes, and scarves are difficult to shift about because they are kept inside the closet. Nonetheless, they all have one thing in common: they all hang in the same position, either inside the closet or on the balcony. If you’re in a hurry, you won’t be able to grab them at the door and rush out; instead, you’ll need to dash inside, quickly locate the coat or suit you require, put it on, and then dash out. That can be costly at times.

The Features of Coat Hanger 

Coat hangers are frequently seen in the living room, near the front door. A wooden long pole with hooks strewn out in all directions is the typical design. It can be used to hang coats, jackets, hats, and bags, and it will not fall off. Fashionable designs in various poses can also be seen on coat hangers. When you’re in a hurry, this style of coat hanger allows you to grab your outfit, bag, or even scarf right away. When you return, place your coat and bag on the coat hanger before relaxing on the sofa. You don’t have to be concerned about leaving your bag or coats on the coat hook because it serves as a reminder of your outfit’s position. The coat hanger acts as a divider, preventing microorganisms from entering your home from your coat, especially during epidemic. This feature has made the coat hanger indispensable to you and has added convenience to your life. Ironvan creates beautiful coat hangers like the Owl Coat Hanger and Twig Coat Hanger, which are exquisite and modern in design and may be used as furniture. 


The coat hanger you use is important since it not only saves you time getting change, but it also helps you separate your dirty coats and bags from your room. 

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