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Bedroom Storage Tips to Maximize Your Space 

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Bedroom Storage Tips to Maximize Your Space 

Bedroom is not only a place for sleeping, but it is also a multi-function place for resting, relaxing, reading and storing personal objects. A great organization on bedroom storage can make the whole bedroom become warm, tidy, and maximise your personal space. When you storage your personal items into the bedroom storages, you should know that categorising the objects according to their functions and size before storage is important. Once you finish categorizing your items and put them into the suitable bedroom storages, your bedroom will have a maximised comfortable space. There are three bedroom storage tips that help you to maximize your space. 

Storages Around Bed 

Bed and the areas around it create the first bedroom storage tip. There are three places that can be used for storage:

– The bedside area

A shelf inside the wall above the bed will be nice for saving space. You can put things that you need in bed onto the shelf inside the wall. They can be books that you read before bed, personal collections, or loving decorations. You can also have bedside drawers, such as Chico Bedside Table or Kumo 7-Drawer Tallboy-Solid Oak Cabinet from Ironvan NZ company, which are amazing wooden bedroom storage that can maximize your space.

beside drawer

– Under the bed

You can also store some of your items under the bed. If you have a multi-function bed that can lift up, or have drawers below the bed, then you have a larger bedroom storage to store blankets, clothes that you seldom wear, and you bed sheets and quilts. 

– The end of the bed

It will be nice to have a multi-purpose bench that stores other bedtime items at the end of your bed. A nice multi-purpose bench can be a decorative bedroom storage.

Areas within the Wardrobe 

Wardrobe is another bedroom storage that maximizes your space. Wardrobe builds inside the wall is one of the best bedroom storage that can maximize your space. You only need to open the wardrobe doors to get your clothes, sliding doors will be perfect for maximize space. You can put shoe rack and box of socks into the wardrobe to save spaces for your bedroom. A comfortable and functional wardrobe can fit in coat hangers, bedroom storage boxes and clapboards for other clothes. All these bedroom storage areas within the wardrobe make brilliant clothing categories that maximize your space.

Other Storage Tips 

Aside from bed and wardrobe, other areas such as desk, door, even window side are all bedroom storage that can maximize the space. You can have an elevated bed with desk-drawers combo under it. The stairs to the elevated bed can be made into shelf or drawers. There are some bedroom storage areas behind the door. You can hang a rack at the back to store small items to save space. If you have a window set, then it can become a storage for small table and some cushions. It can become a comfortable zone to study and work.



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