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5 Advantages of Oak Queen Bed Frames

5 Advantages of Oak Queen Bed Frames

All the furniture in your family members’ bedrooms performs its functions to light up your lifestyle, no matter what size and colours they are. The oak bed frame in New Zealand is one of these necessary pieces of furniture that bring goods to your daily life while benefiting your living environment. Ironvan is here to list the five advantages of oak bed frames in New Zealand in terms of their material and design.

Strong Material

The oak bed frame of New Zealand is made from durable and sturdy hard oak. Due to the natural environment and changeable weather conditions that oak trees grew from, items made from oak are long-lasting and difficult to damage. The oak bed frame from New Zealand made from this durable and sturdy wooden material becomes difficult to break and can pass on to the next generation. That saves you money in buying a new bed frame for a queen-size bed.

Moist and Bug Resistance 

Believe it or not, oak bed frame from New Zealand is highly resistant to pests¬†and moist environment. As oak material is grown from nature, it has experienced heavy rains, and even floods before it becomes part of New Zealand’s oak bed frame. The advantage of being moist and pests¬†resistant to an oak bed frame from New Zealand is that you don’t need to worry too much about this furniture during wet¬†days¬†and spring when animals wake up. If there is moisture on the oak bed frame from New Zealand, you only wipe them away with a dry cloth then everything will be fine.

Hold Your Body

Another advantage of the oak bed frame in New Zealand is it supports your body during sleep. The structure of the oak bed frame makes sure your body feels comfortable and relaxed on the bed. Your back muscles and spines might change shapes and cause health issues if you sleep without a bed frame for a long time. So, the oak bed frame in New Zealand supports your spine and body health that makes sure you have a good sleep every night.


A simple way to maintain the oak bed frame in New Zealand is to give it a regular wipe with a wet cloth. If you want further care, then a wood-friendly anti-bacterial spray will be enough. If you want to remove all the stains on the oak bed frame, then wipe it with a mixture of vinegar and water. To polish it, use specific chemicals for wooden furniture.

Wooden Beauty

The last advantage of the oak bed frame in New Zealand is the natural beauty of the wood from its fine grain. The natural colour of oak helps it match all types of interior designs: modern, classic, Mediterranean, etc. and never goes off. The furniture with the natural wooden colour will never be strange in your bedroom look. With the oak bed frame in New Zealand, your bed gets the finest look!


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