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Hypnos Latex Mattress: 3cm natural latex layer with firm coir fiber and pocketed spring support.

Hypnos Latex Mattress: 3cm natural latex layer with firm coir fiber and pocketed spring support.


Hypnos Latex Mattress, a mattress that offer both support and comfort.

Dimension:  Queen 1500W*2000D*230H / Super King 1800W*2000D*230H;
Colors: knitted fabric White;
Installation: 1 piece per item, no assembly required;
Customization:  full dimension available, please let us know your desired size.
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Hypnos Latex Mattress- where luxury meets support for an unparalleled sleep experience.

Hypnos mattress boasts a combination of premium features designed to provide ultimate comfort and support. It is a type of mattress that combines 3 different support systems to provide a balanced sleep experience.

The 7 zone pocket spring system ensures personalized support for all body weights, adapting to your unique contours. Natural coir fiber layer adds a touch of natural firmness, supporting your spine with precision.

The top layer, crafted from natural latex, delivers a soft and cloud-like feel, enveloping you in rich comfort while maintaining essential support. 


Hypnos Latex Mattress, 3cm latex with coir fiber layer and pocketed spring supporting system.

Hypnos is a firm hybrid mattress– with its hybrid support system and composite material feature, it will provide strong support and help maintain proper spinal alignment while sleeping.

This can alleviate pressure points and reduce strain on the back, which is beneficial for people with back pain or spine issues.

By combining the supportive structure of pocketed springs with the contouring comfort of foam and latex, Hypnos mattresses aim to offer the best of both worlds: responsive support, enhanced airflow, motion isolation, and pressure relief.

This makes Hypnos suitable for a wide range of sleepers, including those who prefer the buoyancy of traditional innerspring mattresses and those who enjoy the conforming feel of foam or latex mattresses.

Hypnos latex mattress on the Nanami oak bed– showroom scene photo.

Material and Specifications(mm):

  • Materials: knitted fabric surface, coir fiber, latex and coil springs with mute fabric pocketed;
  • Color: white;
  • Package Size: Q-1560W*2080D*235H / SK-1860W*2080D*235H , 1 piece per carton;
  • Product Weight: 43kg / 51kg  ;
  • Assembly: no assembly required.

Drift into a world of serene sleep as this mattress cradles and supports, ensuring a restful night’s sleep like no other. Elevate your sleep sanctuary with the perfect blend of softness and support, courtesy of Hypnos.

Additional information

Weight 51 kg
Dimensions 208 × 186 × 235 cm



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