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Garbin Floor Cabinet: Natural Bamboo blend with Rattan, 2-drawer versatile bookcase.

Garbin Floor Cabinet: Natural Bamboo blend with Rattan, 2-drawer versatile bookcase.


Garbin Floor Cabinet, a functional work of art!

Dimension: 685W*330D*1060H;
Material: Natural Bamboo/ transparent Acrylic glass/ Natural Rattan;
Colors: Bamboo Natural;
Installation: Flat pack medium item- 1 piece per carton, assembly required;
Customization: 1385H and 1730H with more storage- please contact us for pre-order only .
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Garbin Floor Cabinet:  emerges as a versatile and stylish addition to contemporary living spaces.

Crafted with precision and an eye for detail,  Garbin bookcase seamlessly blends Scandinavian minimalism with an oriental touch, creating a piece that is not only functional but also a work of art.

Its measures 685W*330D*1060H, making it an ideal floor cabinet for various spaces in your home. The dimensions strike a balance between compactness and ample storage, ensuring it can be seamlessly incorporated into different rooms. The design reflects a modern aesthetic with clean lines, while the use of natural bamboo adds warmth and a touch of nature to the overall appeal.

Garbin Floor Cabinet, bamboo and rattan furniture collection, freestanding versatile display unit.
Garbin versatile floor cabinet offers shelves storage with doors makes it a multi-tasking display unit. In the study room or a lounge corner, it stands as a bookcase with doors or a sideboard, offering a clutter-free solution for organizing your reading materials and figure toys.

Product Features: Material harmony and functional section makes it versatile.

Garbin floor cabinet’s frame and shelves are crafted from natural bamboo with natural varnish smooth finishes, not only for its sustainability but also for the unique grain patterns that add character to the piece. The cabinet is divided into functional sections, catering to various storage needs. The upper shelf, concealed by the transparent glass door, serves as an elegant display area which is perfect for showcasing cherished items, whether it’s a collection of books, figurines, or prized possessions.


The lower section comprises two drawers with rattan doors, providing discreet storage for daily essentials. Drawers with doors woven from natural rattan, offering a tactile and visually pleasing contrast and in line with today’s rattan furniture trend.

Material and Specifications:

  • Dimension: 685W*330D*1060H, 2 doors and 2 drawers at the bottom;
  • Product Weight: 18kg / Package Weight: 20kg;
  • Package Size: 1120W*380D*160H- flat pack medium item, 1-piece per item;
  • Installation: flat-pack item, assembly required- instruction and assembly kit included;
  • Material: Bamboo, Pine, Transparent Acrylic door;
  • Color: Bamboo Natural varnishing.

Tipping over risk- Although the Garbin versatile cabinet offers generous storage, its slim design ensures it doesn’t overpower your space. For added safety and stability, we will always recommend mounting the cabinet to the wall. This not only guarantees its secure usage but also creates a seamless and visually appealing installation.

Garbin Floor Cabinet, versatile bookcase with doors and drawers.
Instead of conventional glass, these doors feature bamboo framing with acrylic surfaces. This choice not only adds to the cabinet’s aesthetics but also ensures your displayed items are shielded from dust and damage while remaining visible and accessible.


While the in-stock Garbin bookcase 685W*330D*1160H is the smallest in the family, the design is scalable. For those desiring more layers or a taller version, pre-orders are welcomed for the 1385H 4-layer and 1730 5-layer variants. This customization ensures that the Garbin series can cater to diverse preferences and spatial requirements.

  • Size: 685W*330D*1385H / 685W*330D*1730H.


Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 112 × 38 × 16 cm

685W*330D*1060H, 685W*330D*1385H, 690W*330D*1730H


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