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D1 Coffee Table: Elevate Your Space with Italian Luxury

D1 Coffee Table: Elevate Your Space with Italian Luxury


D1 Coffee Table,  brighten up your interior space.

Key Features:
  • Dimension: Ø800*360H; 
  • Product Weight: 27.5kg; 
  • Package: full-pack medium item
  • Table Top: Calacatta White marble textured slate, glossy finishes-Lucidato Shiny;
  • Table Base: metal, Cream color leatherette ribbed upholstery;
  • Central Disc: Glossy Brass;
  • Safety Tip:do not sit on the product;
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D1 Coffee Table: Experience Timeless Italian Elegance

Design and Style:

Indulge in the opulent allure of Italian contemporary design with the D1 Coffee Table. The design of D1 was inspired by the original Dione Coffee Table  of Paolo Castelli, a historic Italian furniture brand named after the founder. Unlike the previous matt finishes (Lavigato Silk) slate top for Krik, Raven and Gloria  , this exceptional coffee table doesn’t just furnish your space; it transforms it into a realm of sophistication and modernity. Meticulously curated to harmonize seamlessly with your living area, this coffee table breathes life into your home, embodying the essence of Italian elegance. Opting for this distinctive Italian style isn’t just about acquiring furniture; it’s about crafting an environment that radiates timeless allure. Embracing a predominantly white palette, reminiscent of the luxurious Lucidato Shiny, conjures the illusion of space, magnifying the dimensions of your living area while infusing it with cozy warmth.

ironvanliving-D1 coffee table/round coffee table/nest coffee table/italian modern style/living room furniture

Ribbed Upholstery in Cream color, brass metal circular.

Material and Usage:

Crafted with revolutionary sintered stone slate, this table’s creation involves intense heat and pressure, birthing an exceptionally resilient surface. The slate is a new type of plate made by mixing a variety of natural minerals derived from granite. A slate table top will be definitely more practical and user-friend at a home for it is almost care-free. This will result in a coffee table that not only fends off scratches but also defies heat, UV rays, and even harsh chemicals. The sintered stone’s minimal porosity ensures that spills and stains vanish with a single swipe, sustaining its immaculate allure. Envision a coffee table that stands as a testament to time, an expanse as vibrant and flawless as the day it graced your home.

Nest Armchair and D1 leisure corner.

ironvanliving-d1 nest coffee table/round coffee table

  • Central Disc: Glossy Brass;
  • Others: all accessories decoration are metal, glossy brass.


The D1 round coffee table set In-Stock is Calacatta White top with cream leatherette upholstery. As the slate has diverse colors to choose and the upholstery for the metal base also provides wide color range indicates that it is a varied product.

Please contact IRONVAN if you would like to devlop your own D1 Nested coffee table. Therefore, what we want to share with you at IRONVAN is the selection guide for Italian stone furniture, hoping to provide some reference for you who follow the trend and want to buy sintered stone slate furniture pieces.

  • Slate Top: stone texture with finishes;
  • Base: upholstery color from leatherette color swatches.
  • an extra Side Table Ø350*660H for pre-order only, please contact us if interested that we have photo and color options.

Additional information

Weight 27 kg
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 36 cm


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