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Gloria Coffee Table Set- Gorgeous Italian Modern Style of nested 2-piece.

Gloria Coffee Table Set- Gorgeous Italian Modern Style of nested 2-piece.


Gloria Coffee Table set, a low-key Luxury Italian style.

Dimension:  Coffee Table- 1100W*700D*370H/ Side Table- 550W*550D*470H;
Colors: Sarroland Black Slate top matt finishes with Brass base/ Bronze Mirror top with Brass base;
Customization: slate, mirror top and table base;
Installation: full pack medium/large item, 1 piece per item.
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Gloria Coffee Table Set, 2-piece Nested coffee table:

In the selection of living room furniture, we often pay attention to the visual impact. If color and practicality are what you value when choosing a Sofa or an Armchair, will you continue to stick to the stereotypes for center tables? Don’t let yourself easily get stuck on the questions you have asked yourself thousands of times – A round table? A square table? What’s the design style? Choosing some coffee tables with special shapes will often bring a different experience to your living room. Both the practicality and the sense of design will undoubtedly enhance the high-level sense of the overall space. Gloria with its irregular design shape, combines stlate stone, mirror and metal has some stories to tell.

Gloria Coffee Table Set: Brass metal frame combine slate stone and mirror top.

Design and Use:

The design of Gloria was inspired by the original Lumiere coffee table,by Reflessi Lab Italy.  In our collection, Gloria and Luminar are variations of  the same design. We have given different names according to the color and material combination to distinguish the variants of the product.

Gloria is rich in Italian modern furniture style, this nested coffee table set includes a 1100W*700D*370H coffee table and a 550W*550D*470H side table. We selected Sarroland black marble textured sintered stone slate top with matt finishes for the center table and a bronze mirror top on the small piece which will bring a very similar appearance as the original design top. Whether they are placed together or used separately, they are the perfect combination of function and Italian low-key luxury style.

The irregular shape provides you a unique and eye catching area in your living room. This ‘2-pcs’ has an unique design configuration that combine slate stone with mirror. The ‘Avocado’ shaped top is a beautiful ‘Sarroland’ stone and the small Crown top with tempered mirror top in brass colour. The table base with frame are made from  A3-Grade level carbon steel, hand brushed in brass colour.

Gloria coffee table set- Bruss nested 2 pieces.

Tips of slate top:

The slate is a new type of plate made by mixing a variety of natural minerals derived from granite. The raw materials are not limited: quartz, silica, feldspar, etc., the slab inherits The granite material has high appearance and high strength. A slate stone table top will be definitely more practical and user-friend at a home for it is almost care-free.

Slate finishes: Matt  (Lavigato Silk)/ Glossy (Lucidato Shiny)

Gloria set is ‘the elegance of  a mirror turns into the practicality of a coffee table’ -By Riflessi Lab

‘the elegance of  a mirror turns into the practicality of a coffee table’

Specifications and Materials:

  • Dimension: Gloria Coffee Table 1100W*700D*370H(avocado shape);  Gloria Side Table 500W*500D*470H(crown shape);
  • Product Weight: C/T 39kg, S/T 27kg;- do not sit on the product, 2 people carry item for heavy duty;
  • Package: full-pack large item, 1 piece per item;
  • Table Top: C/T- Sarroland Black marble textured slate, Matt (Lavigato Silk) finishes; S/T- Tempered mirror bronze;
  • Table Base: A3-Grade carbon steel, hand brushed painted Brass.

The marble pattern is randomly intercepted in production, so each piece of stone pattern will be slightly different, no repetitions in varations.


Gloria and Luminar are variations of  the same design based on Lumiere coffee table by Reflessi lab Italy. The in-stock configuration of Gloria is Sarroland black slate top to pair with bronze mirror top and Luminar has a black-and-white stone top to reflect its elegance.  As the slate has diverse colors to choose and the upholstery for the metal base also provides wide color range indicates that it is a varied product. Please contact IRONVAN if you would like to devlop your own Gloria and Luminar coffee table set. For all product DIY-customized, please have a chat with our specialist, we will serioursly work out the best solutions for you.


  • Slate Top: stone texture with finishes – matt/glossy;
  • Mirror color: tempered glass color could be varied;
  • Base: Metal parts, Brass, Black and Cartier Gold.


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