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Ratana Shoe Cabinet: 1M/1.35M Bamboo storage in natural Teak varnish.

Ratana Shoe Cabinet: 1M/1.35M Bamboo storage in natural Teak varnish.


Ratana shoe cabinet, to fill your entrance storage in rich retro style.

Dimensions: 1000W*320D*1180H/ 1350W*320D*1180H;
Colors: Bamboo Teak color;
Installation: flatpack medium item, assembly required.
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Intro of Ratana Shoe Cabinet: 

Following the success of the Grande shoe cabinet  has become our top-ranking star product, we now strongly recommend the new arrival Ratana for your entrance storage. With its rich mid-century retro appearance and powerful storage function, I believe it will definitely bring you more choices of storage furniture.


Ratana Range: shoe cabinet, 1000W/1350W oversized entrance storage.


Material: Eco-friendly material, made directly from natural bamboo that Ratana has a new color version in natural Teak varnish.

Our bamboo made products possess great endurance to any condition and stays beautiful for years. Bamboo grows naturally without using chemicals and fertilizers, less prone to swelling and shrinking and it does not get much affected from different climatic conditions.

The bamboo furniture offers infinite designs, styles, stains, and finishes to choose from and the weights are lighter than other types of wood that can be moved easily.


Ratana is available in 2 widths at the same height, 1000W/1350W*320D*1180H.  Please measure your space before placing order. We do not provide the standard height between the internal shelves, mainly because all the layers can be freely adjusted in height according to your needs, it all depends on how it is installed. Installation instructions will be included in the packaging of the standard components, but are not the only answer based on your requirements.


Ranata has one top drawer for both sizes in 1000/1350W.

Doors & Storage: 

  1. Swing Door: often considered the standard door, a swing door swings out to the right or left when opened;
  2. Pocket Door: flip door flips up- in the middle of the Ratana. A pocket door combines the features of swing and tambour doors. You open the door like a standard door, but continue opening it to a 90-degree angle perpendicular to the cabinet face. You then slide it back into a pocket custom-built along the exterior of the cabinet box; or into the cabinet along the inside wall;
  3. Door Handles: aluminum alloy in a brass color;
  4. Door Panel: imitation rattan, a ‘Cane’ looking but made of industrial plastic which has a very smooth finishes different from our PJ-RANGES natural Cane seating product:


Pocket doors have stoppers inside of the inset rails which can stop at any heights.

5.Powerful storage for shoes and daily necessities

Ratana has 9-12 adjustable layers refer to different size, it’s very suitable to be an entrance storage, elegant and practical.


As mentioned its powerful storage function, Ratana is very easy to match with many indoor space and other furniture products. In our collection, we have a wide variety of bamboo products for you to choose from, thank you for your attention.

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1000W*320D*1180H, 1350W*320D*1180H


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