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Galan Display Cabinet: Natural Bamboo Shelving with 5-door lift-up layered cabinet.

Galan Display Cabinet: Natural Bamboo Shelving with 5-door lift-up layered cabinet.


Galan Display Cabinet, a fuctional work of art!

Dimension: 690W*340D*1725H;
Material: Natural Bamboo/Acrylic;
Colors: Bamboo Natural;
Installation: Flat pack medium item- 1 piece per carton, assembly required;
Customization: Galan 4-door/ 3-door, Bamboo Walnut stain color- please contact us for ordering only .
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Galan Display Cabinet:  Animate your interior with Galan 5-door display unit. 

In the world of interior design, sometimes less is more. The Galan 5-Door Display Cabinet is a testament to this timeless principle. Crafted with a minimalist Scandi style in mind, this stunning display unit is a clear winner when it comes to combining elegance with functionality. Quality craftsmanship begins with quality materials, and the Galan display cabinet spares no expense. Its frame is expertly crafted from natural bamboo, known for its strength and durability. The backboards, made from pine, provide stability and support, ensuring your cherished items are displayed securely.

Galan Display Cabinet, bamboo made with transparent acrylic glass door.
Galan display cabinet, with its transparent acrylic door ensures your displayed items are shielded from dust and damage while remaining visible and accessible.

But what truly sets the Galan apart are its transparent doors. Instead of conventional glass, these doors feature bamboo framing with acrylic surfaces. This choice not only adds to the cabinet’s aesthetics but also ensures your displayed items are shielded from dust and damage while remaining visible and accessible.

The door opening mechanism is also unique, unlike traditional swing or sliding doors, Galan employs a “lift and slide in” structure. Picture a bamboo frame that gracefully elevates when pushed and then glides seamlessly into pre-cut slots, guided by nails securely fixed to the cabinet frame.

Galan Diplay Cabinet- Versatile Design for Any Space!

While Galan’s design may be minimalist, its versatility knows no bounds. This cabinet is an original design from 2022, curated to cater to various interior spaces. Here are just a few ideas on how Galan can be the perfect addition to your home:

  • Living Room: Galan becomes a hobby cabinet storage, capable of showcasing anything from Legos and other toys to your prized book collection. Its transparent acrylic door make it kid-friendly, allowing them to admire their favorite toys while keeping them neatly organized;
Galan Diplay Cabinet- living room storage
A hobby cabinet storage at your desire!
  • Kitchen and Dining Area: Galan takes on a new role in your culinary spaces. It’s an ideal kitchen cabinet with doors at home for kitchen supplies, appliances, dishes, and more. The transparent doors make it easy to locate your essentials during meal prep.
Kitchen and Dining Area: Transform it into a functional kitchen cabinet with doors for kitchen supplies, appliances, dishes, and more, keeping your culinary essentials organized and accessible.
  • Bedroom storage cabinet: Galan’s versatility extends to your bedroom. Use it to store linens, sheets, quilt covers, bath towels, pajamas, and more. Its sleek design blends seamlessly with your bedroom decor.


Material and Specifications:

  • Dimension:690W*340D*1725H, layered cabinet with 5 doors;
  • Product Weight: 25kg / Package Weight: 28kg;
  • Package Size: 1860W*390D*125H- flat pack medium item, 1-piece per item;
  • Installation: flat-pack item, assembly required- instruction and assembly kit included;
  • Material: Bamboo, Pine, Transparent Acrylic door;
  • Color: Bamboo Natural varnishing.

Tipping over risk- Although the Galan Cabinet offers generous storage, its slim design ensures it doesn’t overpower your space. For added safety and stability, we strongly recommend mounting the cabinet to the wall. This not only guarantees its secure usage but also creates a seamless and visually appealing installation.


The Galan family of products offers even more flexibility. If a 5-door cabinet isn’t the perfect fit for your space, explore the 3-door and 4-door versions. Additionally, if you have a preference for the warm and inviting tones of Bamboo Walnut Stain, reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to assist with customization.

  • 3-door 690W*340D*1065H / 4-door 690W*340D*1400H;
  • Color: bamboo walnut stain.
Galan family- 3-door/ 4-door version with color variations.


Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 186 × 39 × 12 cm

690W*340D*1725H, 690W*340D*1400H, 690W*340D*1065H


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