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Belva Corner Cabinet: Natural Oak,Glass Door Display Unit- Available in 2 Sizes for Stylish Storage.

Belva Corner Cabinet: Natural Oak,Glass Door Display Unit- Available in 2 Sizes for Stylish Storage.


Transform your corner into a stylish display with Belva corner cabinet.

Dimension: 550W*350D*1550H;
Material: American FAS Grade solid Oak, tempered reeded glass;
Colors: Oak Natural;
Installation: Fullpack large item- 1 piece per carton, cabinet legs assembly required;
Customization: Oak Walnut color and Belva-1050H for pre-order ONLY.
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Belva Corner Cabinet:  A Perfect Balance of Aesthetics, Functionality, and Personalization. 

In the realm of modern architecture, the allure of sleek white walls and serene color carpets cannot be denied. Whether you reside in a spacious home or a cozy apartment, these pristine white corners hold tremendous potential. How can you infuse them with vibrance and functionality? Perhaps with a freestanding greenery or a splash of vibrant paint? Allow me to suggest a perfect solution that strikes a harmonious balance between aesthetic neatness, functionality, and the expression of your unique personality: Belva display cabinet with glass doors.

With its sleek and slim design, this Japandi-inspired piece is destined to become the highlight of your living room decors. Standing at an overall size of 550W*350D*1550H, it effortlessly adds a touch of elegance to your space.

Belva Corner Cabinet: oak natural made with glass door display unit, 1550H.
Belva hobby display cabinet, your personality presentation.

At first glance, the Belva Cabinet’s unique shape captures the eye. It combines the elements of a triangle and a trapezoid, cleverly optimizing storage space while perfectly fitting into any corner. This innovative design ensures that no inch of the cabinet goes to waste, allowing you to make the most of your available wall space.


Step closer, and you’ll appreciate the thoughtfully divided storage sections. The top section is more like a hobby display, offering the perfect platform for showcasing your hobbies and interests. Whether it’s displaying your prized Lego collection, housing a wine cabinet, or presenting cherished memorabilia, the Belva Cabinet provides the ideal space to express your passions.

The adjustable shelves in the lower sections of Belva corner cabinet. Please choose the proper height at your demend, the inner storage height is 485H in total.(mm)

The remaining two sections of the cabinet, you’ll find adjustable shelves that cater to your storage needs. These movable shelves allow you to customize the space according to your requirements, accommodating items of various sizes. The tempered reeded glass doors add a touch of sophistication while keeping your belongings securely tucked away.



Crafted from American FAS Grade oak, the Belva Corner Cabinet exudes beauty and practicality. The use of premium materials ensures its durability and longevity, while the stunning natural grain of the oak adds warmth and character to your living space. It’s a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and a symbol of refined taste.

Material and Specifications:

  • Dimension: 550W*350D*1550H; 550W*350D*1050H (Belva 2-layer Pre-order ONLY);
  • Product Weight: 28kg; Package Weight: 32kg  1 piece per carton with timber frame due to oversea shipping;
  • Package Size: 440W*430D*1450H- full pack large item, 1-piece per item;
  • Installation: cabinet legs, brass metal handels assembly required;
Belva display unit comes as a full-pack large item, the installation is simple that only need to assemble the door handles and cabinet legs.
  • Material: American FAS Grade oak/ NZ Larch bords / Tempered reeded glass;
  • Handle: metal, brass color;
  • Color: Oak Natural varnishing.


Tipping over risk- Although the Belva Cabinet offers generous storage, its slim design ensures it doesn’t overpower your space. For added safety and stability, it is a compulsory requirement  mounting the cabinet to the wall. This not only guarantees its secure usage but also creates a seamless and visually appealing installation.


Initially available in two height options, our in-stock version stands tall at 1550H, if you prefer a slightly lower profile, we can order the 2-section variant with a height of 1050H, featuring one open display section on top.

Belva corner cabinet- 550W*350D*1050H, oak natural varnishing.
  • Colors: Oak Walnut/ Mocha Brown please refer to ‘Papillon‘ chair frame.

Additional information

Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 44 × 43 × 145 cm

550W*350D*1550H, 550W*350D*1050H


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