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Product DNA

We carefully choose Eco-friendly Materials!

Furniture is made from a wide variety of materials – some natural and others synthetic. Whether found in nature or produced in a lab, however, sustainability has a major impact on an organization’s sourcing methods. At IRONVAN, we drive sustainable social, economic and environmental change through our decisions and actions. We promise more responsible sourcing and sustainable production.



American Ash & Oak

The FAS grade, which derives from an original grade “First And Seconds”, will provide the user with long, clear cuttings – best suited for high quality furniture, interior joinery and solid wood mouldings.

Product DNA: WPC Board

wood plastic composite board

Wood Plastic Composite board is a highly durable and safe material used for construction purposes. It is a mixture of wood fibre/wood flour and thermoplastics. WPC boards are also prepared from inorganic fillers and plastic composites. Wood and plastic composite is also used as a strong, high-quality coating option.

WPC board is a fire-retardant material which does not help the fire to get spread. It does not require painting, staining and oiling and it is 100% VOC free product. It is 100% termite proof & waterproof. It does not corrode and is highly resistant to rot and decay.

WPC boards are made up of recycled plastic and waste wood hence that no trees are cut in making them. They are sustainable and green material.

Product DNA: Sintered Stone

from Quartz worktops

Sintered Stone essentially are the next generation on from Quartz worktops, perfecting the blend of man-made processes with natural minerals to create a surface which is more resistant to chemicals, abrasion, scratching, impact & thermal shock.

Product DNA: Upholstery

Fabric & Leather

At IRONVAN, we provide a variety of leather and fabric type to our customers. Upholstery finishes is the attention-grabber on the furniture, often the first thing you notice about a room’s decor. The design makes a statement about your taste; the quality makes a statement about your research and attention to value. Upholstery grades don’t guarantee quality, but they are a clear indication of expense — both the manufacture in the creation of the material and yours in acquiring it to upholster your furniture.


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