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Pandora Dining Table: elegant marble texture slate tabletop with sturdy metal base,1400W*800D*750H.

Pandora Dining Table: elegant marble texture slate tabletop with sturdy metal base,1400W*800D*750H.


Pandora marble texture slate dining table, Italian modern finest.

Product Dimension 1400W*800D*750H (mm);
Product Material sintered stone slate / A3 level carbon steel
Product Color Pandora marble textured stone / black matte
Customization product size available in 1600W/1800W/2000W


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Pandora Dining Table, with its unique Pandora marble texture tabletop stands as a testament to Italian modern aesthetics.

Inspired by Italian low-key luxury style, with its clean lines and sleek design, Pandora slate dining table exudes an air of sophistication that effortlessly complements any contemporary living space. The design appearance embodies the concept of “less is more,” offering a visually striking yet minimalistic approach to dining room furniture. However, the non-repetitive marble pattern and slight golden accents of Pandora slate add a touch of luxury to your simple style. 

Pandora marble texture tabletop: the main color of Pandora slate is white base, with gray gold and uneven stone textures in glossy and sleek finishes (Lucidato@ Italiano). As a result, the overall slate looks slightly beige and richly patterned.

Tabletop: the Pandora marble texture tabletop is made of sintered stone slate in a kids friendly rounded boat shape. Sintered stone is a matrix of minerals heated (sintered) to form a solid impenetrable mass that results in a surface that cannot be etched, scratched, burned, or stained. Unlike marble table top or ceramic, which can be sensitive to high temperatures, the slate top of the Simone table remains cool and unaffected, providing a worry-free dining experience. This attribute is especially important when placing hot serving dishes or beverages on the table, as it eliminates the need for additional protective measures. It maybe the MOST durable surface you can get for a dining table.

The overall dimension of  the in-stock Pandora dining table is 1400W*800D*750H, which is very much ideal for a 4 people dining table. Its rounded black metal legs allow it to switch freely between Italian-style dining chairs and solid wood black stain.

Modular frame and legs: while Pandora having a durable tabletop and the structural integrity of the Pandora attributed to its thoughtfully engineered construction. The frame and legs are crafted from A3 level carbon steel, renowned for its strength and durability. The use of carbon steel not only ensures the table’s stability but also adds a contemporary industrial touch to its overall design. Finished with a black powder-coated color, the frame and legs provide a striking contrast to the stone slate table top, resulting in a harmonious blend of materials.

The multi-angle adjustable foot pads allow the dining table to be balanced with its own weight on the floor of a variety of materials, such as soft carpets, making the entire dining table stable and durable.


Package Type flat pack large item, 2 pieces per carton;
Package Size tabletop-1440W*840D*65H / base-1230W*630D*80H
Weight 55kg per item, weight may vary due to plywood frame for an extra protection of the tabletop
Installation heavy duty- assemble the table base and place the table top with at least 2 adults.


Sintered stone slate table top packaging- general. Timber or plywood framed.

1.Delivery Timeframe

  • In-stock Item: 8-12days upon order & payment.
  • Pre-order Item/Customization Item: 8-12weeks upon order & payment

2..Delivery Area

  • Auckland Area (Excl Waiheke island) – deliver by IRONV-SERVICE-VAN
  • Nationwide (Excl Auckland) – delivery by Mainfreight

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  • Auckland Area – $92 – $150 incl GST.
  • Nationwide home delivery quoted by Mainfreight (all price in NZD incl GST).
M2H0.35  Area 1-2  Area 3-4 Area 5-6 Area 7-8 Area 9-10
M2H NORTH ISLAND $105.00 $122.00 $155.00 $191.00 $219.00
M2H SOUTH ISLAND $180.00 $198.00 $231.00 $267.00 $295.00


M2H0.4  Area 1-2  Area 3-4 Area 5-6 Area 7-8 Area 9-10
M2H NORTH ISLAND $111.00 $129.00 $163.00 $199.00 $229.00
M2H SOUTH ISLAND $198.00 $215.00 $249.00 $286.00 $315.00

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Additional information

Weight 58 kg
Dimensions 140 × 80 × 75 cm

1400W*800D*750H, 1600W*800D*750H, 1800W*900D*750H, 2000W*1000D*750H


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Our Pandora marble texture slate is a high-quality stone material known for its luxurious and sophisticated appearance. It features a blend of beige and white tones with delicate white veining, making it a popular choice for interior design projects.

The regular stock of the Pandora dining table measures 1400W* 800D *750H. This beautiful and unique patterned stone dining table plays an important role in enhancing your dining area. We are pleased to offer customized sizes to meet our valued customers’ requirements.

Customization Availabilities: 

  • size: 1600W*800D*750H
  • size: 1800W *900D*750H
  • size: 2000W*1000D*750H
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